Best Hacking/Programming Games Part 2

 Here i came up with second part of this series so let's talk about some other games related to Hacking or Programming. Let's Begin

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6. Hacknet:

In Hacknet, you are a hacker with access to flexible code and a database filed with Waster eggs. After code a dead hacker contacts you via automated message in a ghostly inciting, you set off on a range of hack-centric missions. ---> Wikipedia

7. CyberPunk 2077:

Since this is set in a  first-person cyberpunk world. there's plenty of shenanigans to be had during combat. You can use Cyberpunk 2077's quick hacking to ping any connected device or person on a network, then upload daemons to mess with them.--> Wikipedia

8. HackMud:

HackMud is an MMO that casts the player as a hacker in a 90s - inspired. it's got ample tutorials. but ultimately, to this game well, you're going to need to learn some javasript. but if you, the world is you oyster. --> Wikipedia

9. Observation:

observation is the rare game that casts the player as the computer. As SAM, a HAL-like space station OS,your goal is to help Emma, the lone (?) occupant of the station after a mysterious event leaves it powerless and stranded. --> Wikipedia

10. Exapunks:

Exapunks, the 2018 puzzler from zachtronics. casts you as a hacker in an alt-past 1987, even if some of its alternative history elements feel awfully at home in the present. --> Wikipedia

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