Instagram OSINT

 OSINT stands for Open Source INTelligence. it means any information that can legally gathered from free , open source software or tool. if you want simple Example of OSINT then any search engine is OSINT. Today's Topic is Instagram OSINT then let's get started......

There is Tool for Instagram OSINT named Osintgram. So You can download that tool with below line(For Linux)
git clone

Now change directory,
cd Osintgram/

Download requirements
pip install -m requirements.txt

Now you need to give your instagram account credentials for login to instagram (Also you can create F@ke account) so goto config/ and add those details as below

Now we're ready to do OSINT;
python3 <target name>

write username of person you want to know details
Below photo shows list of operation you can perform or just type list after running

You can download all images uploaded by Target, you can get list of captions used by Target, you can get list of hashtags used by user and lots of other things. Just Explore it

Thank You 😊😊



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