Fake Information Generator using Python

 Hey Everyone , Today i'm gonna cover the topic fake information generator using python . and we'll see how to generate fake name , number and whole identity of fake human. Then let's get started ...

Python has library named Faker which help us to generate fake information, use pip or pip3 to install it

pip install Faker

Now create fakeInfo.py file open it and write code:

from faker import Faker
fake = Faker()
print("Fake Name:",fake.name())
print("Fake DOB:",fake.date_of_birth())
print("Fake Contry:",fake.country())
print("Fake Password:",fake.password())
print("Fake Address:",fake.address())
print("Fake zipcode:",fake.zipcode())
print("Fake Email:",fake.ascii_safe_email())
print("Fake Credit Card Details:",fake.credit_card_full())
print("Fake IPv4:",fake.ipv4())
print("Fake CryptoCurrency Name:",fake.cryptocurrency_name())


Fake Name: Jason Rivera
Fake DOB: 2008-11-22
Fake Contry: Reunion
Fake Password: jib35Wqno@
Fake Address: 812 Estrada Fields Suite 299
Tylerstad, VA 88019
Fake zipcode: 67747
Fake Email: crystalchapman@example.com
Fake Credit Card Details: VISA 13 digit
Donald Logan
4432345007406 06/24
CVC: 284
Fake IPv4:
Fake CryptoCurrency Name: Bytecoin

So this how you can generate fake info..

If you want to know more types of fake information then ,


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